The Ra Yellow dorm is where the middle ranked students live for their duration at Duel Academy. Students in Ra Yellow either achieved excellent scores in their Duel Academy Entrance Exams, moved up from Slifer Red, or down from Obelisk Blue. The fact that Ra Yellow is the second best dorm is only because Seto Kaiba, who owned Obelisk the Tormentor until he lost it in a duel to Yugi Muto, founded Duel Academy. This is also why Slifer Red is at the bottom because this was the original Egyptian God Card of Yugi Muto, his arch-rival. The head of the Ra Yellow Dorm is Professor Sartyr. The accommodations in Ra Yellow are much better than Slifer Red's but not as good as Obelisk Blue's. It also has the smallest amount of members who appear in the anime as most main characters are either Slifer Red or Obelisk Blue students.

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